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How to connect to the network using a Bedrock Client? Let's get started by explaining what is a Bedrock Client. A Bedrock Minecraft Client is a client which is based on Android/iPhones/Nintendo Switch/Xbox. It is the version of Minecraft that is known for being on phones and consoles. Our proxy supports Geyser, a Minecraft Bedrock Protocol Support which allows Bedrock Users to join Java Servers. As of now, you will need a Java Account in order to join. Please note that this is a BETA feature! Not everything is supported on Bedrock and is meant to be used to show off. You can play but don't expect everything to work properly. We have made compatibility so that the anti cheat will not interfer with players. At this time you can officially connect thru Android and iPhone. We do not support Nintendo Switch or Xbox but you can still connect through those devices with extra steps which I will provide video links below. Step #1: Open Minecraft Bedrock and go to the Servers Tab. Step #2: Go and click the Add Server button all the way on the bottom. Step #3: Add all the following server details into the fields. Then click save so you won't have to enter it again.Server Name: The Dungeon MCServer Address: bedrock.thedungeonmc.comServer Port: 19132 Step #4: After you click save, you will be brought back to the Servers Tab. Now click The Dungeon MC and click Join Server. Step #5: Now you will be prompted to put in your Minecraft Login Details. Please note that we do not log such information and it is encrypted while going to Mojang Servers to authenticate you. Click Login with Minecraft to get started. Step #6: Put in your email/username that you use to login to the Minecraft Launcher. Then put in your password as well and click Submit. If you put the wrong information, you will be booted off the proxy. Once you do that, you will be logged into the server! It is recommended to be using Classic UI rather than Pocket UI as our server is built from Classic UI. How can I play from a Nintendo Switch/Xbox? Is there any way? You actually can! Now it is a little bit different as you will need to edit your Primary DNS settings to connect. Because the Nintendo Switch and Xbox doesn't support External Servers, we will be using BedrockConnect. BedrockConnect is a custom DNS server that allows you to connect and add your own server IP which you can use the information from Step #3 to be able to join! I have linked both tutorials from the creator on how to edit your DNS settings to the one for BedrockConnect Tutorial on Xbox Tutorial on Nintendo Switch At this current time, you cannot play from a Playstation 4 due to there being no featured servers tab on that edition.
3 months ago

SMP Shop Update! Hello everyone! Sorry for the wait but the SMP Shop Update is now live! Now you can buy some upgrades for your player and also buy rare items on the shop. You can still see the stuff you can sell to the server to make money, we also would like to mention that we still want the economy to be player based with player warps and shops. Below is a list of stuff that you can buy on the server shop! Prices are also subject to change. Player Upgrades: Buy 1000 Claim Blocks for $100,000 Ingame Money.Buy 1 Player Warp for $100,000 Ingame Money. Rare Items: Buy 1 Elytra for $100,000 Ingame Money.Buy 1 Totem of Undying for $100,000 Ingame Money.Buy 1 Nether Star for $100,000 Ingame Money.Buy 1 Mending Book for $50,000 Ingame Money.Buy 1 Shulker Box for $50,000 Ingame Money.Buy 1 Villager Spawn Egg for $50,000 Ingame Money.Buy 1 Enchanted Golden Apple for $5,000 Ingame Money. Information about 1.16 Update! I've got some news on 1.16, seems like the update is bound to be released very very soon. I expect it to be released by the beginning of July hopefully (released today, I will try to get the server updated to 1.16 as soon as possible). I will be trying to get all of our servers updated to 1.16. There isn't really much change with the API so we should be good to update (nothing like 1.12 to 1.13 which was a bad update). Anyways thank you for reading this announcement.
7 months ago

Spartan Anti Cheat Update + mcMMO TreeFaller Fix Hello everyone. I have updated the Spartan Anti Cheat and the way that it works now. First major change is now it will not auto ban for movement hacks. Instead it will rubberband you if you reach 10VL or more (this is so legit players won't get rubberbanded). We have made this decision as two players were false banned during server lag or ping lag. Because it is easy to get false banned when you are lagging. Also now the AntiCheat will only autoban for Combat Modifications. As shown here, it will broadcast a message to the server that Spartan Anti Cheat has removed a player from your game. Also I fixed a bug with TreeFaller where your axe would instantly break, that has been resolved.
8 months ago

And you are the first one to get banned on the forums for hacking on the server! Twice! Congratulations on that!
8 months ago

Mining Rewards Update! Hello everyone! As I said previously in the Crate Key Update, you can now get Crate Keys by mining stuff from the Mining World. Any one of these blocks counts as Mining Rewards. You can get any type of Crate Key. Of course, Legendaries will be the best ones you can get from Mining. Ores and such will have a higher chance in getting them. Here is a full list of the stuff you can mine to get these rewards. - Logs- Stones- Sand- Dirt- Grass- Netherrack- Endstone- Ores Remember to use your Crate Keys at our dedicated area at /warp Crates.
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