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UHC Tournaments

UHC Tournaments

We tend to host weekly tournaments on our network with custom scenarios and rules. Typically every weekend, we try to schedule a tournament with the entire community. Currently our UHC servers support all listed scenarios on this post. On the bottom of this post, you can findout the details of the next event on how to sign up for it. Usually we will close one of our open UHC sessions and whitelist it for the tournaments.


Timber: When you break one log, the whole tree will drop down.
CutClean: All ores and drops are pre smelted.
NoClean: When you kill someone, you will become undamaged for 20 seconds.
TimeBomb: When you kill someone, their loot will be put in a chest which will explode after 30 seconds.
SafeLoot: When you kill someone, if TimeBomb is active, only the killer will have access to spawned chest.
TripleOres: When you mine ores, you receive 3x more of the ore.
DoubleOres: When you mine ores, you receive 2x more of the ore.
BloodDiamonds: When you mine diamond, you will lose half a heart.
BloodGold: When you mine gold, you will lose half a heart.
Diamondless: You won't be able to mine diamond ore, but you will receive one diamond when you kill a player.
Goldless: You won't be able to mine gold ore, but you will receive one gold when you kill a player.
NoFallDamage: You won't be able to take fall damage.
Fireless: You won't be able to take fire damage at all.
LuckyLeaves: There is a 0.5% that golden apple will drop from the tree.
Rodless: You won't be able to use fishing rods.
Bowless: You won't be able to use bows.
BackPacks: Open your party backpack by typing /backpack.
TripleExp: Mining ores will gain you 3x more exp.
DoubleExp: Mining ores will gain you 2x more exp.
LimitedEnchants: You cannot craft enchantment tables. There are unbreakable enchantment tables at 0,0 and in each quadrants.
Ironless: You cannot mine iron. You cannot blast mine iron. Everytime you kill someone, they drop 8 iron ingots.
Broadcaster: When you mine gold or diamonds, there is a 15% of chance that your location will be broadcasted to the server.
BloodEnchant: You lose half a heart for every level you enchant.
WebCage: When you kill a player, a sphere of cobwebs surrounds you.
InfiniteEnchant: You can infinitely enchant, no limitations. You will receive: 64x Enchantment tables, 64x Anvils, 128x Bookshelfs, and gain 30000 exp levels.
Swordless: You won't be able to craft swords.
TreeDrops: Gold has a 0.5% chance of dropping from a leave, diamonds have a 0.1%, and feathers have a chance of 10% dropping.
NoEnchant: You can't use enchanting tables or anvils.
Limitations: Max of 16 diamonds can be mined. Max of 32 gold can be mined. Max of 64 iron can be mined.
ExtraInventory: You will be able to use /extrainventory for another inventory of space.
TripleDrops: When you kill animals/mobs, you receive triple drops.
DoubleDrops: When you kill animals/mobs, you receive double drops.
DoubleHealth: You will be able to regenerate up to 20 hearts.
BetterEnchant: When you left-click enchant with a book, the enchant will be removed from the book.
DoubleOrNothing: On mine of iron, diamond, or gold ore, you have a 50% chance of 2 of the ore dropping or no ores dropping.
BareBones: Enchantment tables/Anvils can't be crafted or used. Golden apples can't be crafted either. The Nether is disabled. Players drop 1 diamond, 2 golden apples, 32 arrows, and 2 string on death.
Long Shots: If you get a shot from more than 50 blocks, you get healed for 1 heart, and do 1.5x the damage.
Golden Retriever: Players drop 1 golden head on death.
Gone Fishing: You will get unbreaking 200 and luck of the sea 200 fishing rod along with 64 anvils.
Horseless: You can't tame horses. You can't tame donkeys.
Soup: When you right click a soup, you regain 3.5 hearts.
Switcheroo: Everytime you shoot a player, you switch positions with them.
Hastey Boys: When you craft mining tools, they will be enchanted with efficiency III.
BuildUHC: All the players will get a kit.
Hypixel Heads: When you right click a head, you will get regeneration III for 4 seconds and speed II for 20 seconds.
Sky High: If your Y coordinates are below set Sky High Limit, you will take 1 heart down every 30 seconds.
FlowerPower: Everytime you break a flower, it will drop a random item in the game.
Moles: One person on each team is choosen to be the Mole. The Moles are one team and can communicaate with each other, trying to take out the other players. The normal players try to find out who the mole is on their team and kill them. This scenario requires teams!
Tracker: At the start of the game, you will receive a compass and will be able to track players.

Schedule of next UHC Tournament


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Apply for Moderator

Apply for Moderator

Everyday on the server, we are a growing network. Because of being a growing network, we are always in need of looking for Moderators. As such, we do have some requirements which need to be meet upon in order to have a good staff team. When applying to becoming a Moderator, you will go through a 2 week trial to test to see if you fit onto our network.


  • Must be 14 years or older to apply.
  • Must have discord and a microphone.
  • Must be able to record Minecraft @ 720p 30fps.
  • Must have good grammar when chatting in-game and on the application.

If you feel that you do meet these requirements, you can apply now by visiting

Moderator Application Status: Open


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Report a Player

Report a Player

In order to report someone who is breaking the rules on the server, you will need to get to our Player Report Form. There you will be able to report a player. Please note that you need to have to have video evidence or picture evidence of the player that you are reporting or else it will be invalid. A moderator will look over your report and will see if the evidence is sufficient.

To report a player, please visit

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Donor Rank on the Forums

Donor Rank on the Forums

Currently we are working on a system so you can connect your forum account with your minecraft account. But as of now, you have to request to get your rank on the forums. Using the following link, you need to put in your username and the rank that you have. Then an admin will lookup your username to approve that you do have the rank in-game.

To request your rank on the forums, please visit

about 1 month ago

Apply for Youtuber/Streamer Rank

Apply for Youtuber/Streamer Rank

Applying for Youtuber/Streamer rank can help make recording on the server easier. With the Youtuber/Streamer rank, you will have access to all donator perks, along with the /nick command [BETA] and /forcefield command in lobbies. The nick command will allow you to disguise as a random player in order to prevent yourself from being notice by other players. Also with the Youtuber/Streamer rank, you can post your streams/videos in the ingame chat to allow you to gain viewers. Notice that having the Youtuber/Streamer rank does not immune you to punishments. You will still be punished accordingly if you are to abuse or break any server rules.

Youtuber Rank Requirements

250+ subscribers

50+ views per video

Streamer Rank Requirements

250+ followers

25+ concurrent viewers

In order to apply for any of these ranks, please email me at [email protected]. Please include your Minecraft Username and Channel link whether the channel is on Youtube, Twitch, or Mixer, we support all of those platforms with more to come.


We also do partnerships which allows you to get a custom coupon code on our server shop which allows your viewers to use which will financially support you with a payout. You will need 1000+ subscribers or followers in order to partner with our network.

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