Apply for Youtuber/Streamer Rank
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Apply for Youtuber/Streamer Rank

Applying for Youtuber/Streamer rank can help make recording on the server easier. With the Youtuber/Streamer rank, you will have access to all donator perks, along with the /nick command [BETA] and /forcefield command in-game. The nick command will allow you to disguise as a random player in order to prevent yourself from being notice by other players. Also with the Youtuber/Streamer rank, you can post your streams/videos in the ingame chat to allow you to gain viewers. Notice that having the Youtuber/Streamer rank does not immune you to punishments. You will still be punished accordingly if you are to abuse or break any server rules.

Youtuber Rank Requirements

250+ subscribers

50+ views per video

Streamer Rank Requirements

250+ followers

25+ concurrent viewers

In order to apply for any of these ranks, please email me at [email protected]. Please include your Minecraft Username and Channel link whether the channel is on Youtube, Twitch, or Mixer, we support all of those platforms with more to come.


We also do partnerships which allows you to get a custom coupon code on our server shop which allows your viewers to use which will financially support you with a payout. You will need 1000+ subscribers or followers in order to partner with our server.

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