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by train21 » 3 months ago

New AFK System called the Limbo!

We have added a new AFK System which is called the Limbo. Anytime that you get disconnected from any of our game servers, you will be brought to the AFK System called the Limbo. Once your in there, you won't be able to move or do anything. You will need to type /lobby to connect back to the Main Server. I've done a lot of stress tests and this server can handle a lot of players. I've limited the server functions such as mobs spawning and view distance. It should be able to handle around 1000 players if needed. Unlimited players can be connected to this lobby. You aren't able to manually connect to Limbo with /server. Below is a screenshot of me being in the Limbo Lobby. You can also view a video of me going to Limbo by clicking here.

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