SMP Shop Update! + Information about 1.16 Update!
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SMP Shop Update!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the wait but the SMP Shop Update is now live! Now you can buy some upgrades for your player and also buy rare items on the shop. You can still see the stuff you can sell to the server to make money, we also would like to mention that we still want the economy to be player based with player warps and shops. Below is a list of stuff that you can buy on the server shop! Prices are also subject to change.

Player Upgrades:

Buy 1000 Claim Blocks for $100,000 Ingame Money.
Buy 1 Player Warp for $100,000 Ingame Money.

Rare Items:

Buy 1 Elytra for $100,000 Ingame Money.
Buy 1 Totem of Undying for $100,000 Ingame Money.
Buy 1 Nether Star for $100,000 Ingame Money.
Buy 1 Mending Book for $50,000 Ingame Money.
Buy 1 Shulker Box for $50,000 Ingame Money.
Buy 1 Villager Spawn Egg for $50,000 Ingame Money.
Buy 1 Enchanted Golden Apple for $5,000 Ingame Money.

Information about 1.16 Update!

I've got some news on 1.16, seems like the update is bound to be released very very soon. I expect it to be released by the beginning of July hopefully (released today, I will try to get the server updated to 1.16 as soon as possible). I will be trying to get all of our servers updated to 1.16. There isn't really much change with the API so we should be good to update (nothing like 1.12 to 1.13 which was a bad update). Anyways thank you for reading this announcement.

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