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by train21 » 23 days ago

Factions is now in development!

Today is an exciting day! Factions is now being developed on our server. What will make us different from other factions servers is the fact that it will not be pay 2 win. This will make it so that you need skill in order to compete in our factions server. Now I do not have an exact release day but I will keep you updated on the website. We plan on releasing in November of 2019.

SMP has been removed from the network

Because we have added factions to the server, I have removed SMP due to a dying gamemode. Sorry for those who played on that gamemode.

Prisons has been delayed for 2020

I have delayed the release of Prisons due to the development of Factions. I plan on going back to development in 2020. Sorry for those who were excited for that gamemode. For now, it has been completely removed from the server selector.

New Network Ownership

I am proud to announce that we have a new Owner for the server. Now I am not by all means going anywhere nor will the experience on our network change. This is for the better good. Mahi_L or known as Gil will now own 50% of the server with me. He will mostly be in our advertising team and social media team. Also he will be coming with new ideas for the network. I trust him with our marketing and he will do a great job at it.

Any business enquiries, please use my Business Email