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train21 train217 months ago
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SMP Shop Update!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the wait but the SMP Shop Update is now live! Now you can buy some upgrades for your player and also buy rare items on the shop. You can still see the stuff you can sell to the server to make money, we also would like to mention that we still want the economy to be player based with player warps and shops. Below is a list of stuff that you can buy on the server shop! Prices are also subject to change.

train21 train218 months ago
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Spartan Anti Cheat Update + mcMMO TreeFaller Fix

Hello everyone. I have updated the Spartan Anti Cheat and the way that it works now. First major change is now it will not auto ban for movement hacks. Instead it will rubberband you if you reach 10VL or more (this is so legit players won't get rubberbanded). We have made this decision as two players were false banned during server lag or ping lag. Because it is easy to get false banned when you are lagging. Also now the AntiCheat will only autoban for Combat Modifications. As shown here, it will broadcast a message to the server ...

train21 train219 months ago
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Mining Rewards Update!

Hello everyone! As I said previously in the Crate Key Update, you can now get Crate Keys by mining stuff from the Mining World. Any one of these blocks counts as Mining Rewards. You can get any type of Crate Key. Of course, Legendaries will be the best ones you can get from Mining. Ores and such will have a higher chance in getting them. Here is a full list of the stuff you can mine to get these rewards.

train21 train219 months ago
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Mining World Reset + Crates Hotfix

Hello everyone! The Mining World has been reset! You will be able to have a new fresh world to explore and mine! This means a new end as well so if someone wants to go to the end and get the egg, you will be able to! The next reset will be on 5/31/2020. Also I have fixed a bug where if you combine a regular enchanted book with a crate key book, it wouldn't work correctly. This bug has been resolved as of now!


train21 train219 months ago
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Crate Keys Update!

I am excited to announce that I have revamped the crate keys system. I have switched the plugin to a better plugin so this should hopefully fix errors and random crashes involving crate keys. We now have 4 tiers of crate keys. There is also some new rewards in the crates such as MCMMO levels. Also the NBT bug is gone due to being a new plugin.

Common Crate Key - 70% chance to get from voting.