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KitPvP 2.0 Update! 9 days ago

KitPvP 2.0 Update!

Hello everyone! Today I am glad to announce that KitPvP is now in version 2.0. With the version 2.0 update, there are a lot of new things. First of all, all stats and money has been reset. You can start off clean on the KitPvP server. Also we have removed ender chests by popular demand by the community. You are no longer allowed to mix kits. Some kits have been refined in this update. We have also made the voter / premium crate key better then ever! Along with that, new items have been added to the shop. We also made it so whenever you get a kill, you will receive some regeneration. We hope you enjoy this update! Join now by using the ser...

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Added Duels to the Network

Hello everyone. Today is an exciting day as I have added Duels Gamemode to the Network. Duel your friends and fight random opponents in this gamemode. With that being said, I have removed the Speed UHC gamemode. This mode might return in the future but for now, it is removed.

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Factions is now in development!

Today is an exciting day! Factions is now being developed on our server. What will make us different from other factions servers is the fact that it will not be pay 2 win. This will make it so that you need skill in order to compete in our factions server. Now I do not have an exact release day but I will keep you updated on the website. We plan on releasing in November of 2019.

SMP has been removed from the network

Because we have added factions to the server, I have removed SMP due to a dying gamemode. Sorry for those who played on that g...

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Speed UHC in Public Beta + Update on Prisons Release Date

Speed UHC is now an official gamemode of our Network. As voted by the players, it will be a permanent gamemode. Also new info on the Prisons server. I still don't know what to make the theme of it. Please leave more suggestions in the discord channel. For now, the plugins are being developed. I don't think I will be able to release it at the end of summer as I have been busy with IRL stuff.

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Speed UHC Hotfix + Spartan Anticheat Bans Rollback / Patched

Speed UHC was released 2 days ago. We had a slight bug which basically made it so that chunks wouldn't be sent to the client correctly. At first, I thought this was a clientside issue but turns out a plugin was messing with the chunks.

Also Spartan Anti Cheat had an issue with banning innocent players for Movement and Combat. We have strictly removed all movement autobans from the anticheat since we saw that lag was causing an issue with false bans. Although we do hope to improve gameplay for all players on the server. Spartan will still ban for very obvious KillAura and Reach hacks whi...

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