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Speed UHC Hotfix + Spartan Anticheat Bans Rollback / Patched

Speed UHC was released 2 days ago. We had a slight bug which basically made it so that chunks wouldn't be sent to the client correctly. At first, I thought this was a clientside issue but turns out a plugin was messing with the chunks.

Also Spartan Anti Cheat had an issue with banning innocent players for Movement and Combat. We have strictly removed all movement autobans from the anticheat since we saw that lag was causing an issue with false bans. Although we do hope to improve gameplay for all players on the server. Spartan will still ban for very obvious KillAura and Reach hacks whi...

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Speed UHC Added to the Network!

I have added a new special gamemode to the network. This is a limited time only gamemode so enjoy it while it lasts. Basically we have added Speed UHC to our network. I've decided that I am going to add some gamemodes for limited time. In Speed UHC, you are playing Minecraft Ultra Hardcore but at a faster rate. Trees fall instantance. Wood tools automatically crafts into stone tools. Ore rates are way higher in this gamemode. Autosmelt and Autocook are enabled on the server. You can join today by using the Compass. This gamemode has only one session that holds 50 players.

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KitPvP Update! - 8 New Kits

Hello everyone. Another post of an update. I have added 8 new kits. But I have removed a kit as well due to abuse (bomberman kit). Anyways I have added the following kits into the game which can change the gamemode as a whole!

Removed Kits
- Bomberman

Added Kits
- Axeman
- Fisherman
- Cactus
- Bunny
- Miner
- Fish
- Farmer
- Wizard

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New AFK System called the Limbo!

We have added a new AFK System which is called the Limbo. Anytime that you get disconnected from any of our game servers, you will be brought to the AFK System called the Limbo. Once your in there, you won't be able to move or do anything. You will need to type /lobby to connect back to the Main Server. I've done a lot of stress tests and this server can handle a lot of players. I've limited the server functions such as mobs spawning and view distance. It should be able to handle around 1000 players if needed. Unlimited players can be connected to this lobby. You aren't able to manually connect to Limbo ...

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SMP Gamemode has been released in Open Beta!

Yep that's right! I've finished all the major developments in that gamemode. There is a lot of things to explore on the server. As of now, there isn't an economic system on the server. This might be added in the future but as of now, there isn't an economic system. Everything should be good on the SMP Gamemode. I've smashed all the bugs that I could find. If you find any bugs on the SMP Gamemode, please DM me on Discord or the Forums. Below is some screenshots of the SMP spawn and Terrain.

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